About Me

Editor | Writer | Content Creator

Brooke Kosofsky Glassberg is a journalist with two decades of experience at some of the biggest brands in the country, covering style for real women, consumer products, travel, home, and parenting—if it makes life easier, it's worth talking about.

Brooke left print for digital in 2014, where she's been the editor of Bare Necessities. She was charged with finding a brand voice and introducing content while writing marketing campaigns and overseeing the Bare it All blog.

For three-plus years, Brooke was a senior editor at Good Housekeeping, where she turned lab results from the Good Housekeeping Research Institute into lively service stories on everything from pillows to 3D printers. She also wrote and did market work for the fashion and home pages, as well as the annual Best Toy Awards, VIP Awards, Gift Guide, and car test.

Before that, Brooke was the fashion features editor at O, The Oprah Magazine, where she conceptualized, assigned, reported, edited, and wrote for the FOB and Well style pages. She edited Dr. Phil and Suze Orman and interviewed the likes of Sheryl Crow, Sofia Vergara, Mary-Louise Parker, Pat Field, Joel McHale, and Vera Wang.

Brooke edited and produced six Oprah anthologies: O's Best Advice Ever!; Love Your Life!; Dream Big!; O's Big Book of Happiness; O's Guide to Life, and the O, The Oprah Magazine Cookbook.

She started as an assistant at Vitals Man and Vitals Woman, his-and-hers luxury lifestyle magazines. She's written for Glamour, New York Magazine, Travel+Leisure, Consumer Reports, Buy Side from The Wall Street Journal, Food Network, Yahoo, WebMD, Jane, and YM, where she was an ASME intern. She graduated summa cum laude from NYU with majors in Journalism and Gender Studies.

Based in the New Jersey suburbs, Brooke loves to get her arts and crafts on, go to concerts, and travel with her husband and daughter.